Reggie on F.I.T.: Training with David at F.I.T. has shown me that anything is possible. Strength training is fabulous. Yoga is new to me -- techniques seemed strange at first, but I'm accustomed now and I love it! I feel good and stronger than ever. Nevis, come try F.I.T. Wellness!

Miranda on F.I.T.: My training at F.I.T. Wellness has been a great holistic experience. I have noticed improvements in my strength, flexibility, and performance as a runner and a triathlete. I feel beter and less stressed in my everyday life as a chiropractic doctor and mother of a 20 month old. Thanks F.I'T.!

Nevis' top Triathlon'ers, Reggie Douglas and Dr. Miranda Grandison, are celebrating their "Nevis Best" results in the 2006 Nevis Triathlon.

Reggie Douglas and Dr. Miranda Grandison, Triathlete