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F.I.T. Games Project

In March, 2015, we initiated the land clearing. Once the initial land clearing was completed, a further assessment of the overall project was done. It was determined at that point that the course needed to be redesigned to fit into the overall development of the property.

Consequently a site planner from the United States was engaged to lay out the full scope of the project as seen from the illustrative master plan. In addition to the site plan, we also had to seek independent financing to guarantee that the necessary resources would be available to complete the course without delay.

We are pleased to report that we now have all the necessary components in place and are moving ahead full steam towards completion. We expect to launch the Games within the next few months.

To date the track has been graded, 85% of the berms/hills are completed, water lines installed, electricity connected and the stage has been built. We intend to start constructing the obstacles next week. Fencing will commence after that.

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F.I.T. Games Inc.

Illustrative Master Plan




A large segment of our community indulges in unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. As a result we are seeing increased cases of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. These diseases termed "non-communicable diseases" or NCD's has now become the leading cause of deaths and hospital admissions in the Federation.

The ministry of health has recognized this as a health epidemic and in February 2014 launched a National Policy & Plan for the Prevention and control of Non-Communicable Disease (NCDs) in St. Kitts in support of WHO (World Health Organization) agenda to control the rise of these diseases in the Caribbean.

FIT believe in order to successfully combat these NCD's that is affecting our citizens' quality of life require intervention from many segments of our community. So we are doing our part by focusing on (2) specific areas;
1. Education, increasing awareness of the causes of these non-communicable diseases and promoting nutritional improvements for lifestyle change through various media forums such as television programs, radio and ads.
2. Promotion of Exercise through fun fitness activities called the "FIT Games" and other health promotion initiatives.

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Join The Movement

FIT Games Inc. is a non-profit organization. The FIT Games Inc. was created with the sole purpose to provide the general population with the opportunity to improve their health and fitness levels through the introduction of competitive family oriented games and sporting activities that are fun yet challenging. These games will also promote a deeper sense of community cooperation and connectedness through its team building concept. 
Our target market is anyone and everyone. Ideally, we would like to get entire families, businesses and churches to participate as a team. We especially would like to engage our children, to inculcate in them from a young age the importance of eating healthy and exercise thus creating a new health conscious generation. A healthy community is a happier productive community.  
The FIT Games has already secured 3.7 acres of land where the games will be conducted located in Stoney Grove, Nevis next to the Bellevue School. The land will be scaled out to construct various obstacle courses.
Securing financing to clear the land, purchase material to construct obstacle courses and advertisement. 
Because according to recent stats 30% of Kittitians and Nevisians are overweight. Subsequently, this has caused a cascade of overweight related issues such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and cancer that has now become prevalent….Prevention is always better than cure".
-Zumbathons & Danceathons
-Biggest Loser contest
-Biggest loser in the workplace
-Field trips to the grocery store to teach selected community members how to read food labels
Overview – FIT Games will be conducted on 3.7 acres of land located in Stoney Grove, Nevis and will provide health and fitness activities to the population at large through family games and other fun and competitive activities.
Vision – To create awareness about healthy lifestyles and its benefits
Mission – To promote a healthier community and a greater sense of togetherness by creating and providing family oriented competitive games and activities to engage entire families, churches and workforce.
Strengths –Certified, knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainers and supporters; dedicated committee members; group commitment and dedication to promoting a healthier community.
Challenges –Securing financing to clear the land allocated for the games, advertisement and constructing the obstacles courses. Convincing the general population that exercise and healthy eating habits are the way to go and getting people to "Commit to be FIT